What To Expect

Our loft studio space has been designed to accomodate no more than 8 students per class.  This small teacher-student ratio allows me the ability to provide the maximum personal attention each of my students deserve.  

Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes and begin and end with a brief moment of meditation and personal reflection as a way to prepare our minds and bodies for the challenges ahead.

Students can expect a warm-up including some cardio and stretching exercises, a supportive lesson, time to practice a new technique with a partner and an opportunity to participate in a free-style `randori circle'.


Safety is our highest priority.  Students practice the art in a controlled and safe environment.  

I use the latest in safety and training equipment and am fully certified in first aid and CPR.  Our students understand that practicing the art of Jiu-Jitsu requires full control, concentration with safety as the highest priority.  Techniques which require light contact are conducted under my close personal supervision.


Our traditional curriculum focuses on the fundamentals.  Skills that foster balance, focus and control are taught in a highly interactive, safe and welcoming environment.

Our students will learn and practice many of the traditions associated with Jiu-Jitsu such as bowing to show respect for the dojo and each other, as well as using Japanese terminology.

We offer a curriculum that builds on the skills taught in previous classes.  We take our commitment to student success very seriously and our programming reflects our passion for nurturing the whole person.


Students will be periodically assessed throughout the twelve week session.  At week six and twelve, students will receive a report indicating strengths, needs and next steps.  

Typically, students who have completed 2 sessions will be eligible for a promotion grading however, this is not always the case.  Successfully acquiring a new rank should be a meaningful and significant moment in a student's martial arts journey, not a monthly gimmick.  All rank promotions are formally recognized by the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council.

Note:  Gradings are conducted outside the regular classroom schedule and last approximately 90 minutes.  Successful candidates participate in the promotion ceremony at the end of the following week's regularly scheduled class.  The cost for a grading is $25 (includes a new belt).  


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